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Family Medicine Education Consortium Keynote

2018 Residency Fair at the FMEC Annual Meeting Residency Fair Registration
Hilton Westchester
Rye Brook, NY
Friday, November 9: Immediately following dinner until 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, November 10: Immediately following dinner until 9:00 p.m.
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International Conference on Practice Facilitation

Tampa, FL
December 10, 2018
2018 ICPF
International Conference On Practice Facilitation
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Papaya Head Book Launch
New York, NY
July 16, 2018

Minority Women Professionals
on Black Renaissance

Minority Women Professionals on

Minority Women Professionals on

Lancet Podcast
Conversations we need to have

Physician Entrepreneur Summit

Lyft story

Text4baby - Good News Planet

Papaya Head Book Signing - Papaya Head and Pasta

Columbus, OH
November 2, 2018
Join us for casual celebration in Columbus, OH at the incredible Gallo's Kitchen and Restaturant. This evening will take you to the city where Dr. Nwando's story began, in a restaurant owned by her childhood friend, Tommy Gallo.
Gallo's Kitchen and Bar, 2820 Nottingham Road, Columbus, OH.