Consulting services & AMWP

Dr. Olayiwola is the founder of the Minority Women Professionals (MWPs) are MVPs™ Conference Series and professional development programs, organizing and cultivating women of diverse backgrounds at various stages of their professional careers. These programs have been organized under the Association of Minority Women Professionals

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She is also the CEO and founder of Inspire Health Solutions, LLC, an international consulting company that provides services to health systems, health ministries, departments of health, hospitals, clinics, and governments, enabling them to make real and lasting change in their delivery models and infrastructure; design and test innovations that achieve these aims; develop new models of care and interaction in the health care sphere, and inspire leaders, change agents and future health care professionals. Her clients have included the Center for Care Innovations (California), OneCity Health (New York City), Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (Australia), SEHA Health Ministry (Abu Dhabi), Primary Care Partnership (Ireland), the Blue Shield of California Foundation (California), Health Care Homes Transformation Initiative (New Zealand) and individual personalized coaching clients.

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